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Expand your Healing Knowledge and Experience

A multidimensional and multilayered approach to the shifting going on now.

This class is designed for healers, psychics and those already familiar with the ascension process.  We will discuss, demonstrate and experience the many different ways to expand your approach to internal change and healing, while supporting the earth in its changes, including the effects of and working with the following:

other dimensions, realities and universes,
connecting to the appropriate grid on the earth,
perceived alternate lives and realities,
the human mass consciousness,
ancestors and descendents,
emotions vs energy,
mental constructs,
our own shifting timelines,
changing the energetic DNA,
space/time continuum changes.
And whatever else I channel during the class.

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Wow - it just gets more and more intense - doesn't it?  Even if you are in the flow it can be intense as everything changes- within you and around yoyu.  Would you like some really great support?  Just for you - $15 off an hour.  Must buy an hour and use it within a year.  Call me at 858-465-9111 for loving, compassionate and NONJUDGMENTAL support with a side of humor!!



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