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Brighten Your World

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Want to know how to make everything brighter and more wonderful?

Take a good look around you.  Pay attention to how you feel and how things look.  Then close your eyes and raise your vibration or connect stronger with your inner being/higher self/God (whatever works for you).  You can imagine your vibration measured by a dial (or a digital reading for you youngsters) and then turn the dial up or increase the digital reading.  Really feel the expansion, breathe into any constriction. Open your eyes.  Notice how the colors themselves of your environment are brighter and how much more light there seems to be.  Notice your heart seems to connect with the natural world much easier.  I bet you even feel happier.

Sometimes it takes longer to raise your vibration because you have to detach from all the worry and fear but it is worth it to be a little happier in your life.

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