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Tuesday, 26 July 2011 08:20

Go Have Some FUN

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 What do you do with yourself when you are betwixt and between?  When you feel like you have released a lot and changed dramatically but perhaps your every day life is not showing it?   Maybe you are a teeny tiny bit impatient about it?

Give the universe time to catch up with your changes. Give yourself time to settle in to this new, expanded version of you.  Live in this for a while.

Moving into the higher vibration way of living means trusting on a very deep level that all is well, you are always taken care of, and everything is connected. Live like that now.  Go have some fun.  Let go of the worries and the need to make anything happen.  The best way to do that, aside from lots of inner energy work, is to have fun, the sillier the better.

I love bubbles.  I have no idea why, I just do.  Once when I was visiting with a friend in Long Beach, CA I bought a bubble gun.  It is a battery-operated gun with a laser light that you connect to bubble mixture (soap and water).  When you pull the trigger many bubbles come out.  When I am down or doubting, I pull out the gun and shoot bubbles.  I do it from my balcony, I do it while I am out walking, and I do it on the beach.  It makes me laugh and it makes other people light up too.

When I laugh over nothing like that, I am totally present and satisfied.  That signals to my higher self and the universe that I am ready for the next great thing or change in my life.  All the inner doors are open and I am receptive.  Be silly.

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