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Thursday, 28 July 2011 08:12

Do what works for YOU

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Isn’t it wonderful how there are so many books, websites, gurus, mystics, psychics, motivational speakers, channeled articles, holistic fairs, television shows, movies, etc all showing or telling us how to go about our spiritual growth?  There are so many people that it is clear there must be so many ways or techniques that we need.  However, isn’t it amazing how many of them think ‘their’ way is the right way?

Well it is – for them.

Use your discernment to find your way – which may or may not be the same as any one else’s.  You will know what is right for you by the  way you feel.  If you feel uplifted, inspired or expanded, or even challenged, then you know the information or choice is correct for you.  If not, well, think about it again.  The immediate results in your life may tell you nothing so you will need to at least pretend that your inner feelings/senses can guide you.

And do not pay any attention to me if this doesn’t work for you.

 So if you are just acknowledging the possibility of your own energy creating your life you are in a very different place than individuals who have shifted so much that they live in trust and faith every single day without the need to consciously focus on exactly what they might want in life (not sure how many of those there are but there must be some out there somewhere).  So your needs, your processes and your path will be different – not better or worse, just different.  It is all good and all appropriate.

Oh and there is no hurry either – you won’t be ‘left behind’ if you think you are not moving fast enough.  That is just a thought that you can let go of – if you wish

Just another reason to relax, have some fun, and allow.

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