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Recognizing and Following the Signs

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We get signs all the time from our inner beings/higher selves, we just don’t always recognize them.  Signs for what to focus on, which direction to turn, what is next in our lives, and that we are supported.  Sometimes those signs come in the form of reactions.

I was recently frustrated with a friend who is having severe heart troubles (to the point of pain and palpitations just talking animatedly, and fainting a lot) and is still acting out a very detrimental behavior and emotional pattern of putting someone else first to the point of harming herself by working very hard on a project for a family member (to complete a gift, not an emergency).  I couldn’t even talk to her one day because I couldn’t stand to be around the energy of it.

I caught up with myself and began exploring why I was having such a strong reaction.  I realized I was/am very frustrated with myself for continuing an addictive behavior pattern that is equally self-destructive.  So I sat down and re-identified with my expanded, eternal self (rather than the ego-addicted self) and imagined the jail of this addiction releasing from my mind, my emotions and my psyche (not very different than the mind for this purpose).   I felt and saw the bindings of the ‘bars’ release and dissolve.  I also allowed a lot of healing within my heart and other areas of my emotional energies.  As I have already done so much healing and shifting for underlying causes of this addiction, I was not guided to do any work or allow any shifting on anything like that.  I was purely addressing where I still held on to the addictive thinking patterns and resulting hurt and reactions.

I am able to be a compassionate witness for my friend now and am excitedly looking forward to the different choices I know I will be able to make in my every day life.


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