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Enchanting Blessings

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The signs of grace in our lives come in various ways.  We just have to be open to them and then appreciate them. I have been blessed lately with some tiny but exquisite reminders of grace heralding some beautiful changes in my energy and, probably, my life.

It began with a Monarch butterfly accompanying me on a neighborhood walk a few days ago.  Then two ladybugs visited me in my bedroom the next night.  The day after, I saw more Monarch butterflies in places I don’t usually see butterflies.  Yesterday I visited a nursery to enjoy the plants and another butterfly joined me as I walked around (seriously, followed me and did aerial dances all around me wherever I went).  At one point I accidentally walked into some plants and disturbed a bunch of black butterflies. I was delighted as they all flew up and then settled right down again even though I didn’t move away from the plants. I have never seen black butterflies before.  Then earlier today a gorgeous iridescent dragonfly flew up to me as I was getting out of my car to go into the local library.  I haven’t seen a dragonfly in over 30 years.

I generally get visions and serendipitous series of events as signs. I rarely get visits from bugs of any kind.  So I paid attention.  I am so appreciative of the loving, expansive feeling in my heart that came with each visit.  I felt loving reassurance and comforting compassion from each little enchanting creature.  They have helped me cope with the transition of my healer cat and to accept certain surprising perceptual and energy shifts as a result of my ongoing commitment to step out of duality living while still in this human body.  I am grateful to be blessed so much.



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