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What Healing Looks Like

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When I am in pain I always focus on the metaphysical causes before or in conjunction with seeking medical (western or holistic) help.

Yesterday my upper mid back began hurting, again.  This has been happening off and on for longer than I can remember.  My chiropractor has been working on this particular vertebra for months and it hasn’t budged.  He says it is the one that governs the nerves to the pancreas – important to me because I have diabetes and want to do everything I can to manage it properly.  However, I am absolutely certain his work created the opening for the healing I experienced with it.

I have previously done a lot of healing in this area with some pretty good results but it flared up again in the past month.  As I tuned in psychically I could see and feel a sharp hook with a cord to someone else.  I believe it was tied to some issues with my dad but that wasn’t really important.  Talking to someone yesterday triggered me again to try to let go of this and the pain began.  I relaxed and asked for help from God and my higher self, and saw angels come to work on it.  I also sought assistance from my monk friend who is not normally a healing facilitator but she helps me a lot anyway.

This particular hook played a great part in helping me hold on to limitations so that I would not embrace too much of my higher self. With this I could continue living pretending as if I am small, powerless, and a bit of a victim.  However, I have been diligently and joyously expanding my awareness of self and it became too painful to hold on to the hook.

The angels worked on clearing the energy around it, then helped remove the hook and dissolved the cord.  Then they helped remove the toxins so that I could heal completely as if the hook was never there.  I experienced a lot of discomfort throughout the day and the entire night – still a bit sore – because it was embedded so deeply and I had just enough resistance to make it hard to release.

I no longer need to get any information on exactly what this all meant or when I allowed it to embed or what it will mean when it is gone.  I trust and have faith healing will occur. In this case I intended that it heal and breathed a lot through the discomfort.  The images that came to me are how my mind interpreted the energy shift.  I also very clearly re-affirmed my declarations and commitments to knowing I AM one with everything and am much more than just the body, mind, sense complex.

This is what it psychically looks like to me when I focus on healing pain in my body. There is ALWAYS an energy block or hook involved.  Sometimes the underlying agreements, emotions or story (life experience that originally created the block) shows up too.  However,  the means for healing it also always shows up.  Isn’t that cool?










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