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Balance is an interesting issue. Most people opening to their authentic selves do so over time as an aside to working, relating, perhaps raising kids, or perhaps going to school. I function the opposite way. My primary focus is on spiritual awakening and the rest fits in between or with that. We talk about balancing the spiritual with the mundane every day world but is creating and maintaining balance really the question? Maybe while you are new to this awakening process or in the middle of a particularly painful process balance can be something you have to create. However, as time goes on and your resistance fades there is nothing to balance because there is no separation between your authentic self/spiritual awakening and your every day life. We sometimes forget it is all connected energetically. As you allow your awakening to deepen and progress you notice more and more how your every day life is also infused with the same energy you experience within yourself. For instance, I finished a re-birthing last week and re-discovered an incredible quiet and peace inside. Every day after that when I went anywhere I noticed how quiet everything outside of me seemed. Now I live in a very crowded area of northern San Diego County. I have always been sensitive to how noisy it seems to me after moving here from a much quieter, less populated, area. But what do you know? As soon as I quieted down inside, it seems like outside is much quieter too. I know the weather didn’t change, the shoppers and drivers didn’t change, nor did my neighbors change. I changed. And that has made all the difference (to lift a quote from one of my favorite poems). Purposely seeking balance occurs when we are unhappy with what is and are not letting any changes flow from within. You can impose your will and try to make a balance but there will always be some aspect of controlling going on and that tends to drain your energy after time. If you are like me, you then rebel and/or get all upset about it. If you allow the balance to come as a result of your inner shifts in energy/attitude it will seem more natural and acceptable in the long run. You will also be able to experience more flexibility in your every day life.

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