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Sharing what is true Right Now

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As you lighten up and move into higher vibrational living your focus stays in the present moment more and more and you generally heal enough that you won’t be as controlled by your ego or your inner emotions as you were at lower vibrational living. However, you do become more childlike in that you don’t hide those emotions either. All the ‘rules’ you have been taught about how to act or what emotion to show or feel fall away. You become who you truly are– a complex aspect of God in a human body. So you may be happy one moment and sad the next. You can be soulfully moved because of the most innocuous interactions or the tiniest of things. You can do all of this and not be lost in the emotions because they flow so easily.

I have gone from someone so controlled by my emotions my mind couldn’t get a word in edgewise (in spite of my fierce intellect) to someone who is much more in the moment- emotionally and mentally. That means what feels like panic one day can lessen into confusion or resentment the next and change to acceptance the next day (or it can all happen in moments). I have been guided for years to share my processing and lightening quick emotional changes so that others can become more aware of their own complexity and, perhaps, come to some level of self-acceptance. It is also very helpful to know that the spiritual growth process is not a linear one free of detours or obstacles, which you might believe if you read some people’s writings or channelings.

Unfortunately, I know by now that when I share I trigger other people’s judgments, including the need for some of them to tell me I am doing it wrong or am overreacting (or give me unasked for advice). Most of the time it is ok because I do my best to follow my own guidance no matter what anyone else thinks or what the accepted behavior is in this society. Yes, sometimes it annoys me, but that feeling passes pretty quickly too.

Being in the moment isn’t a way to control anything; it is a way to allow everything. The more present you are, the more authentic you are and the smoother your spiritual awakening will proceed.

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