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... So Maybe NOT!!

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So after all the inner drama and fear that came up around my guidance to move, that I shared in recent blogs, I started thinking. (Not sure if that was a good thing but it happened.) Do you know sometimes intuitive guidance comes to you just to trigger an inner change? Did you also know that it often presents itself a certain way because of inner limiting beliefs?

In my case the deeper message seems to be go inward more than I have been, to lighten up my vibration even more. In my experience I have more space to do that in Arizona because it is hotter there so I am more sluggish and less active, there are less people so it is psychically quieter and I found it quite boring (because of my interests and tastes in a certain way of living) compared to where I have lived in California. When you combine that with the fact that I am very tired of how hard I have to work to earn the most basic amount of income here in CA and that recently my deep connection to the ocean seems to have dissolved, it is no wonder my mind interpreted the call to go deeper as it is time to move.

AND it may be time to move.

I am just exploring what I know to be true from my experience about intuitive guidance. I am also making sure to focus on my expanded awareness (higher consciousness) even while I have made plans to meditate more. If and when it might be time to move everything will line up in my physical life to make it happen. Whatever is the true cause of all the fear that was triggered is already revealing itself (and it has nothing to do with a physical move) and will heal as time goes on.

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