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Sunday, 01 January 2012 18:42

A Different Perspective

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I woke up today rested, all the turmoil of the past few months a memory. I worked around the house then went to a small city-made park overlooking the ocean and backing up to the Self-Realization Fellowship meditation gardens to meditate. After thanking the ocean and the sun, and tuning out some loud individuals, I was deep into meditation when a woman’s voice cried out “ Look at the dolphins”. I was startled but got to see two dolphins playing in the ocean. She apologized for interrupting my meditations. She was so enthused and inspired by the sight she didn’t even think about what was going on around her.(The funny thing is she was standing there with her beautiful 8 month old, her own miracle, yet she was moved even more by the dophins.)

As I stood there marveling over the crystals dancing on the ocean from the sun, in the warmth on New Year’s Day, I was wondering why my meditation was so clearly divinely interrupted (at least that is how it felt to me). I intuitively received the info that meditation for me at this vibratory level is not about going so inward that I am separate from my physical surroundings but by expanding into my knowingness so much that I connect to all of god’s energy, including my physical surroundings, in my prayerful, mindful living.

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