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Tuesday, 03 January 2012 09:01

Mindfulness is Freeing

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So how are you feeling after this past month of intense purging of old emotional patterns, thoughts, beliefs and limitations? I am kind of feeling clean and new. I find I must keep my thoughts on the present because it helps me stay peaceful and open. I have learned that mental flexibility is the key for me to handle the spiritual expansion that continues each day. This ever-present mindfulness is a prayerful and sacred way to live – and very different, and new, for me.

I notice I am immediately reacting if I forget to be mindful about anything and if it is not in alignment with my energy. For instance, when I sew I do so from an intuitive meditative place. It is joyful and peaceful. However,  the minute I begin to think of it as doing something to please someone else or if I push to try to get too much done in one sitting, I begin to feel tired and sick-ish. I feel fine once I stop and rest a bit.

Right now, I need to pay attention to every decision and every interaction as well as my own thoughts as I go about my day. It is a new path for me and one I am exploring cautiously as it can be kind of intense, even though  there is a lot of freedom in being this mindful – freedom from so many limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions. I am learning to enjoy that freedom and to be centered and grounded in the face of other people’s reactions to it.

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