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Tuesday, 10 January 2012 11:44

Acceptance and Compassion

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Acceptance and compassion. That is all anyone needs from us. What they or I express in words sometimes hardly covers the surface of what they/we are going through in this incredible ascension journey here on planet earth.

I recently went through inner hell releasing some family obligation issues. On the surface I said no to a sister about making a quilt she wanted after I received the material and started piecing a design together. Seems innocuous enough, right? However, inside it was a big shift away from the way we interact with each other, my inner definitions (and hers) of our relationship, some limiting energy from our culture and our familial upbringing, as well as a big step towards acting as if I believe that people will love me even if I don’t do all kinds of things that are difficult and time consuming or expensive.

The surface action seemed small but it was indicative of a huge spiritual and energetic shift that is going to lead to a much lighter and happier life for me. I embrace that I am sometimes so much in the moment I express all my emotions as they flit through me without being precise about the entire process. When they are played out, I am done with them, so much so that I often cannot even remember what was going on the next day. As I love and accept myself more and more, this gets more and more obvious. I am also able to accept and witness with deep compassion and love other people’s experiences.

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