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Friday, 27 January 2012 11:37

Getting Past My Limiting Expectations

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Thank God our higher selves and guides know better than we do and set up the exact right circumstances within which we get what we need (not necessarily what we want). Now if I could only let go of the expectations that often strangle out the awareness of the wonders I am experiencing.

I recently went on vacation. I was expecting some clarity and direction for my life to show up in a very specific way and found myself disappointed that it didn’t seem to happen, and that each thing my friend and I set out to do seemed to be equally disappointing. I even dumped all over the friend who picked me up from the airport when I got back because I was still only seeing the disappointments, not the overall magic of the trip.

This is what happened that I didn’t recognize at the time but am extremely GRATEFUL for now:

  • The friend I stayed with is a very warm hearted, nurturing and fun-loving person – just what my weary soul and ego needed.
  • I got to stay in a beautiful home that didn’t cost me anything.
  • My friend paid for most of our meals and excursions without any expectations from me because of it.
  • I was able to do some healing around some family issues in an easy gentle way.
  • I felt comfortable and relaxed with her and in her home (very unusual for me).
  • My perception of my father’s second marriage shifted thanks to my friend and it helped me lighten some old energy I was carrying around it.
  • I got almost 4 days free of the stress of worrying about income and paying for things; and believe me I needed the break.
  • Not once during my stay did I feel obligated about anything or that I had to ‘dance for my supper” (again, very unusual for me).
  • I was able to integrate some deep and intense changes that came about as a result of a decision I made the day before the trip started (to approach my spiritual growth differently).
  • I clearly recognized that the energy of AZ is no better than the energy of southern CA – different but not better.
  • I also recognized that I don’t seem to need the geographic area I live in to nurture and support me the way I used to – meaning I can pretty much live anywhere I choose.
  • I had a lot of support from friends to make this trip happen easily and as cheaply as possible (rides to and from airports in both places, someone got the mail etc).

I am sure there is more to be revealed as time goes one but hey, all of that seems like enough.

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