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The Freedom of Self-Acceptance and Trust

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There is a certain freedom created through self-acceptance and trusting that all is well. It is a beautiful thing.

I am not really sure which comes first because I have reconnected with both at the same time.

When you trust that all is well you don’t have to be so tied into what other people think or trapped in a job/situation that you hate. As we open more and expand spiritually our self-acceptance and trust in the universe grows. We then become less and less attached to our fears. It is then so much easier to make clear decisions based on your intuitive guidance.

When I am afraid to speak up or to make a mistake because, like in my childhood, I believe on some level that something very bad will happen to me (and you never knew what actually would be a mistake until someone reacted) I feel trapped and, of course, fearful. The truth is I am only trapped by my own familiar ego driven emotional and behavioral patterns, not by my outside circumstances.   I can always make a different choice – if only in how I react even if I cannot find another job or have some emptiness when I need to let go of the people around me. As I am embracing my own personal power based on my connection to all that is rather than my ego’s needs and old fears, I am reacting less and less to other people’s emotional and behavioral patterns.

This personal power includes a deep level of self-acceptance of all my skills, intelligence, competencies, as well as whatever I am not so great at.   Once I acknowledge I am not that great at something (and often have no interest in getting great) I relax about it. I react very little when others feel the need to point out how not great I am. I just agree and move on. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!   For instance, I know I am not good at cleaning glass. I just tell my prospective clients up front then I don’t worry about it, overanalyze it, wish I were better at it, etc. They accept or they find someone else to do it.

It is so freeing. It is true I might lose some potential clients because of it BUT I now trust that something else will come along. This is true personal power.

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