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A Way to Make It Easier

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What if we look upon every experience, person, event, thing in our lives as God and stop focusing on the physical so much? It takes away the judgment about all that stuff, promotes self- responsibility, and can affect great changes within you and your behavior.

I have a tendency to get very panicked when I am relying on a particular job to provide me with a certain level of income and the person paying changes his or her mind. Since I work freelance this happens more than I like. What I have noticed, however, is that if I remember that the income flows from the universe and can show up through anyone by many different means (I have many income flows to me these days) I reconnect with trusting that all is well. These days the money does usually show up in unexpected ways.

This concept applies in so many ways to so many areas of our lives. When someone new or someone I knew long ago comes in my life and I am triggered by something he/she says or does, I am usually much happier and handle it all much easier if I look upon them as pieces of God’s energy being attracted to me for a purpose. Part of that purpose is to help me uncover whatever is triggered. Bless their hearts.

Conversely if someone fabulous comes into my life and leaves quickly I can let go easier because I know that wonderful aspect of God’s energy will come back into my life through some other way. Isn’t that brilliant?

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