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Another side affect of 5th dimensional living

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 You may be having some frustration understanding why you are reacting certain ways or doing certain things (or not doing the things you need to or commit to). Look deeper into it.

I earn part of my income by sometimes clean vacation rental homes. Most of the time my ocd-ness around cleaning means I do a great job. But once in a while, the vacationers complain about my cleaning. I used to beat myself up, wondering why I just didn’t do a good job for that time and sometimes my cleaning is great (not that anyone ever compliments the cleanliness of a vacation rental but at least they do not complain). I had thought the problems occur on those days when I am particularly angry about earning money through cleaning houses. So I figured all the crap I get when someone complains was payback for my ego’s irritation.

But that isn’t true. It turns out if the renters I am cleaning up after have really icky energy I just don’t go to certain areas to clean. I do my best to check everything before I leave, sometimes taking a lot of extra time to be sure. It doesn’t matter. If some part of me does not like the energy, I don’t even see the dirt or problem EVEN WHEN I AM LOOKING RIGHT AT IT!!!

Remember all those channelings about people being in the 3rd dimension not even seeing people in the 5th? Well apparently the opposite can be true too.

Take a deeper look at what is going on with you. There may be a very valid and telling energetic reason for it.

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