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Tuesday, 14 February 2012 16:40

Choosing Differently for an Easier Life

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I have allowed a few people back into my life that are really only here to show me how much I have changed.  However, because I don't have very many friends and think I crave the companionship, I continue to try to have deeper relationships with  them.  But as of today that stops.  I am choosing higher vibration living.  I am choosing to learn to love myself so much that I am ok being alone and I am also open to new friends and acquaintances.

I have been afraid to do this but it is time.  I have had to let go of so many people I didn't want to continue doing so.  However, just like with anything else, I cannot hold on.  I need to let everything flow, including the relationships.

If you are constantly feeling hurt, put off or icked out (yes, that is the eloquent term)  when you talk to certain people, then stop if you can.   I have to admit when I feel hurt I do a lot of inner searching to make sure my ego isn't just put off  and I needed to hear what was said to me.  Most of the time that is not true.

This is all part of my quest to have things be easier and really embrace the sacred joy of all of life.  I can appreciate the reason these people are in my life, I can really acknqoledge and love their souls/inner beings, and I can also choose not to be around this part of God's energy. So can you.

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