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Thursday, 16 February 2012 10:21

Valuing your True Purpose

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My passion is expanding my awareness of who I truly am. That is my main purpose here on earth. I suppose one might say that is true of all of us but I know I chose to focus on that directly and above all else without channeling it into something translatable and usable in my every -day life. On some level I decided to dramatically shift from someone quite depressed, angry, hurt and fearful to someone who lives her life mindfully, peacefully and fully aligned with the inner God-self, but I forgot the practicalities of being human.

It doesn’t matter if I earn my income by being an executive, a retail clerk, a housecleaner or a spiritual healing facilitator. My ‘real’ job is to maintain that mindfulness and inner alignment to my higher self no matter what I do, and share it with others in some way. Maintaining this focus has helped many people and the earth in all the shifts that have and will occur. I also know many have been inspired and also triggered by my process. On my lucid days, that is enough, on other days I have a lot of frustration about it all.

I know someone whose expanding awareness and higher purpose shows up as having and raising babies who stay open to the higher vibrational energies; another is a fabulous artist, another is a teacher, and yet another a nurse. All are completely aligned with their true and authentic expressions of themselves. I have to admit, there are days when I envy them because sometimes I forget myself and wonder what the heck I am supposed to be doing so that I can earn money at a job in which I am happy and fulfilled. Then I whine and complain like everyone else (smile) and remember that I am learning to be happy and fulfilled no matter what happens in my life.

More and more days are spent with that inner connectedness, open to the inner happiness and fulfillment no matter what (thank God). I am learning to value that rather than anything that goes on in my outer life and to return to the center of that when I let myself get pulled in the direction of others’ strong opinions about what I should be doing.

How about you? Is there something that is your ‘true’ purpose that perhaps you are not valuing or even acknowledging, either because others don’t value it or it doesn’t match your learned definition of success or happiness or it doesn’t earn money?

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