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Friday, 06 April 2012 17:05

whooeey!! Be nice to yourself

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WHOOEEY!! It has been an intense few weeks. So many people took advantage of the latest surge in high vibration earth energy to experience another expansion in their own consciousness and an increased embodiment of their infinite selves. The good news is that if you think you have gone backwards you probably have not and, in fact, made a surge forward with the energy. It is just old stuff uncovering for healing that maybe didn’t feel so great.

I know I know, how many times have you read or heard THAT in the past few years. However, there really was some kind of surge recently. I know I had intense joint pain for a few weeks until I slid into the higher vibration and increased connection to my higher/infinite self. I know many of my clients did too - some were sick, some felt emotionally scoured and some saw the return of old behavior patterns. I saw my typical pattern after I do an obviously intense inner shift in that I also experienced an immediate sharp drop in income and social interaction. Yes, it is scary to have a drop in income at the same time I have to do some auto repairs and pay taxes for last year and estimated tax for next year.

Back to the good news. When you relax (or get help) and allow the remaining re-alignment as a result of this last shift, you should find some noticeable changes in yourself, your interactions and in your way of being. I am noticing change, once again, in my means of income and my tolerance for certain behaviors in others and in what entertains me (in books or dvds). My eating and sleeping patterns did an abrupt shift too. It takes getting used to as these changes are not usually gradual for me. They may be for you.

So be kind and nurture yourself in ways that are gentle. Do whatever it takes to embrace these changes and love yourself through them.

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