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Thursday, 09 August 2012 10:48

Abundance in Action

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I love synchronicities, don’t you? It is my way of knowing I am aligned with my higher purpose. I have been thanking God for abundance for weeks now, saying the Abundance Decree I got off of Facebook (I think from Irma Kaye Sawyer), which I have repeated below. While I haven’t had gobs of money come my way, I am certainly beginning to see the effects of my intentions.

Someone I spontaneously offered help with some healing took me out to dinner (my favorite too –sushi). She is not working so I was thrilled with the dinner. Then a few days later she unexpectedly paid me my full fee. I gratefully accepted.

Then I unexpectedly needed to do some work on my car. I panicked about how to pay for it then just walked into the fear, letting it flow surrendering it and all the anxiety to my higher self. I have to admit later in the day I wondered why I wasn’t more upset about it (yes I am weird that way). I thought it might be because I called someone to borrow money if I needed to.

This morning my guides took me on a little detour and I got lost while looking for the auto repair shop where I had made an appointment to get my car fixed. I ended up at a different place asking for directions. The owner said they were cheaper and talked me into using his place. I liked his attitude so much I agreed.  He was right. It cost me the exact amount of the full fee I received the day before (minus a small amount for some groceries), a full $150 cheaper than the place I was headed to for repairs.

If that isn’t abundance in action, I don’t know what is.


Abundance Decree


I decree that I am a sovereign being of Spirit and of Earth and that divine prosperity is my birthright. I appreciate the opportunities that I have been given to experience all states of prosperity, including the lack of it to give me a complete and total education in this area. I DECREE that I NOW live in a state of grace and flow as a Divine Being and Child of the Universe. All that I require to live a comfortable existence flows to me with ease and grace. My life is prosperous and I also extend my abundance to others that may require assistance through grace and blessing. I decree now that Spirit will correct any misperceptions that I may carry regarding abundance so that I may find full faith and comfort in these facts. I understand also that abundance may come in many forms including money, energy, opportunities, and contacts with others. And so it is!!

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