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Tuesday, 15 March 2016 18:27

I Accept

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I have decided to just accept what is right now for me.  I have been upset that I no longer have interest in making any arts or crafts.  I have also lost interest in a lot of things that used to excite me.  I was trying to force myself to find something like that again because I thought something was wrong or missing.

I stopped.

I just decided to accept that this is where I am. I am fairly calm. I am aware of inner change – again.  I am aware of less judgment and anger, more peace.  A very real blessing.

I a reading more and spending slightly more tie watching tV (can’t really do that for very long).  I haven’t been as forceful with myself around exercising or diet.  I am in a gentle-to-self phase.

And I accept it (today anyway).

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