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Tuesday, 10 May 2011 07:06

Just Relax and Let it Flow

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Ever wanted to change something about yourself or get something accomplished but just couldn't make it happen no matter how hard you tried? 

It is possible this desire to change or accomplish something specific comes from a deep inner knowing that the it is right for you and is coming but you aren't quite aware yet that there are certain things that need to heal or transform before it arrives.  Knowing this can spur your growth and/or trigger it.

For instance, I have been trying to go 'raw' in my food for about 7-8 years. I felt called to it and knew it was right for me. I had heard about it maybe 5 years prior to that but I had so much resistance and so much inner emotion tied to eating for comfort, emotional fulfillment and escape that I could not do it.  My sense of depirvation and victimhood was in the way.  I then developed several physical diseases that could definitely have been mitigated by eating properly.  Additionally, as I transformed into a higher vibrational being there were (are) certain foods my body just could no longer tolerate.  I still struggled for 4 more years with tryng to eat alive and high vibrational foods.  A few months ago I started getting sick ANY TIME I ate foods that were different from that. 

I always knew I had to heal whatever wouldn't allow me to eat properly rather than exert my will over the out-of-control inner child that insisted on eating to help every emotional situation but I had a lot of shame because I listened to other people's judgment of me and because I didn't bow to accepted societal pressure to "get thin".  In the meantime I have been constantly shifting, expanding and healing old limiting ehaviors, beleifs and patterns.  After years of healing and changing, I recently had a series of major spiritual and energy transformations in seemingly unrelated areas and WHAM!! with no warning, fanfare or drama, my eating habits changed.  I cook very few foods these days and eat even less processed foods. These transformations also helped me be very calm, centered and trusting around my income and certain other core issues I have carried around this life time. 

I notice this in all areas of my life, even something as inconsequential as trying to finish a sewing project for someone else.  If i try to push to make anything happen, completion or accomplishment seems to move farther away.  If I relax and focus on embracing whatever reaction or thought comes from within when I don't want to continue or when things don't seem to be moving, everything flows much faster.  These days I am letting inspiration carry me to wherever my higher self directs.

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