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Take Your Time

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You are blossoming and jettisoning all the old limiting beliefs and behaviors.  You are embracing the eternal you, expanding your energy and awareness beyond your body’s senses.  Gradually your interest and attachment to things and people will change too.  One day you may feel as if you don’t fit the life you are in anymore.

This is a time of rejoicing, celebrating the new you.  Now you have to give yourself time to allow the ‘new’ you to emerge.  It really is the true you before you adopted all that negativity or ‘rules’ on how you are supposed to behave, how you connect with others and what defines success.

It is ok to have a period of adjustment.  Have patience and show compassion for yourself as you navigate the self-discovery path once again. Try new things, even if it is just taking a new route to work each day or looking at your current relationships differently.  Any activity or choice that supports you being fully present and aware will lead you towards what is best for you.  But most of all have fun.  In the light of amusement and joy will come your greatest realizations and connections.

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