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Friday, 17 June 2011 11:20

Ignore what "They" say

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So  ‘they’ say you should produce blogs and newsletters, offer classes and specials, and be as prolific as you can to attract business.  Or write those annoying (and long) marketing emails and send them out as often as possible.  Of course, ‘they’ also say you should look a certain way, do certain things, and earn a certain income, etc.


If you are paying attention to your inner being/higher self/intuitive guidance (all the same to me) you may find that your actions are timed differently and are just completely different than any of that. You may find satisfaction in the simple things, basking in the sacredness of inner stillness.  You may find just enough income plenty for you.

I know I have surprised myself.  For instance, I have pretty much overhauled all my beliefs about money over the years but especially in the past year.  I know my passion and commitment is to inner spiritual growth while in this body and EVERYTHING else comes after that.  So I am more accepting of jobs that are not super-satisfying as long as I get to maintain my spiritual growth and they meet a few other basic requirements.  I live pretty simply so I can spend money on what is important to me (books, fabric, some medical needs and my cat). Everything I was using money for is healing - to fill the insecurities up, to stay closed to people so I won't get hurt, etc.

I even caught an image of myself the other day as I entered a building and really liked what I saw – purple hair, sagging neck, Walmart clothes, ‘extra’ 30 lbs and all.  Certainly none of that fits in with what I imagine 'they say is supposed to be.  It has taken a lot of internal work to get to this place and I am thrilled to be here.  I am writing about it so I will remember it ALL THE TIME!!! LOL!!

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