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I LOVE Slowing Down

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One of the most interesting paradoxes of all of this spiritual growth is that the more I slow down in my physical every day life, the faster I seem to shift.  Slowing down my thoughts and my activities provides the room for the yumminess in connecting with my eternal self to be more obvious.  It also signals to the subconscious parts of me that I love myself enough to allow time for ease while integrating which, in turn, translates to manifesting and attracting my life from that love.

Slowing down also helps me soothe the edges of my psychic awareness.  I am consciously aware of being constantly bombarded by psychic noise of one sort or another, such as info about people, the speed at which the energy on and of earth is changing, upcoming world events, others’ emotions, etc.  It happens to all of us, some of us are just more sensitive to it than others.

When I take the time for me, just resting or reading or meditating or enjoying the ocean, I find it easier to allow all of that psychic noise to just slide off of me.  I can feel the edges of my awareness relaxing and healing and I tend to reconnect even deeper to the eternal part of me – that is also the eternal part of everything.  It makes life more delicious.

Additionally, and more interestingly, slowing down means I let go of resistance and my inner growth zooms.  I just get out of my own way. So I embrace slowing down wholeheartedly and am even learning to allow it before I get so stressed that some part of me has to create a specific event to remind me (those events usually hurt!).


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